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4/21/2024 ITS SO JOE OVER
4/16/2024 coachella doesn't deserve music




oh bro.

second entry on the blurchella rant below WOO!! typing this while listening to Parklife too wow the brainrot is really showing isnt it.

ANYWAYS, coachella weekend 2 for Blur happened last night and i firstly wanna start that i was probably really dramatic on the last entry about the blurchella event. i mean WHO WOULDNT though (especially when its something im insufferably passionate about) like yall need to get it TOGETHER AND LEARN GIRLS AND BOYS i SWEAR.

but thankfully the crowd wasn't as dry as last weekend. not much as good as their usual shows, but it was okay. what do i expect from coachella to be honest.

the thing is man, is that me freaking out about Damon saying "you're never seeing us again so you might as well fucking sing it" was probably me in the midst of being mortified by the crowd being hot ass, but i know that he likes to fuck around. probably just poking fun at the crowd. but bro that shit BLEW UP. so much so that it brought out the most annoying people too like

i didn't want to bring up the Nardwaur shit again, since to be honest ITS REALLY NOT THAT DEEP as people make it out to be for some reason. especially yall Nardwaur fans that i had no idea existed and had no idea yall were dickriding a grown ass man. but you do you.
it was a 20 year old interview. Nardwaur was pretty much bringing up uncomfortable information. i get that its his whole schnick, but theres a line of being an interviewer and just going completely overboard.
i personally wouldve gotten a little upset too if he was bringing up someone i lost my virginity to, with other private info i wouldnt want to talk about in the public eye. i wouldve been a upset if he was making fun of my obvious stuttering during conversation.

i dont get why its a huge problem for Blur to do it when countless of other people had the same attitude towards Nardwaur in other interviews as well. but again, its not something for people to antagonize Blur for, since Dave (Blur's drummer) has stated he apologized to Nardwaur when he went off the rails, even said he regretted it, so much that it caused him to become sober. im pretty sure the other members couldve apologized too, just more privately. i seriously dont get how this situation had anything to do with a coachella crowd being a hot mess but idk.

BACK ON COACHELLA (sorry). the show was fun, livestream was a little wild (freaky...even), Graham i want yuo so bafd, Alex's fuck ass cargo shorts. until Damon said that this was their last gig.....

i mean, during the moment, i was starting to legit cry (i need to get a grip i know). but i dunno, it could be Damon just being indecisive again...if you're a blur fan, you would know that hes a flat out liar...

they made it dramatic a little even. ending the show with Tender, walking out together with arms around each other (minus Dave for some reason) literally like the ending of Starshaped. but like, DAMON IS A LIAR so i dunno i might be delusional for the sake of not wanting my favorite annoying british band to split up completely. but bro you ain't even end your show with This is a Low, the most earth shattering song to be on a setlist. ALSO WHY WOULD YOUR LAST GIG BE COACHELLA OF ALL PLACES LIKE- i aint believing it i choose to stay delusional.

this could be Blur hiatus number 259394.

coachella doesn't deserve music


GODDD i was acting full on mental when i heard that Blur was lining on saturday, but i didn't think i was gonna watch the whole concert in horror cause THE CROWD WAS SO DRY? (had to turn off the livestream comments too yall pissed me off).

i know from what ive heard about coachella not exactly being a festival for people who really love music, but jesus it has really turned its way into some "californian rich people festival" with crowds that really dgaf about whos playing on stage. and i think 2024 is its worst year yet. not to an exaggeration, but thats just how it seems to be now in recent years.

i was watching the live and couldnt help but feel MEGA second hand embarrasment from Damon (the frontman of Blur) just atleast trying to get the crowds attention. i could literally feel how pissed Damon was, he even said "you're never seeing us again so you might as well fucking sing it". and HE SHOULD SAY IT, but i can't help but think hes refering to never coming back to AMERICA, which makes me really sad as an American fan and im sure to many others. though i can't blame him, britpop didn't really blow up much aside from Oasis in the US. but there are still fans though CMON PLEASE DONT ABANDON USSS.

speaking of which, i was going to give them the benefit of the doubt, giving that Blur is a 90s britpop band being shown to a possibly GenZ crowd. but coachella was known to have notoriously shit crowds. Tyler (the Creator) said it, Liam Gallagher once said it was a pathetic festival, i also discussed this with my girlfriend MayMay who is a Sabrina Carpenter fan, and sh♡ even noted that Sabrina had a dry crowd, and she makes music EVERYONE LIKES. it even happened when Gorillaz performed, like bro its GORILLAZ. they couldn't even sing Girls and Boys (the most horrific part of the concert) but oooohhh yall can sing Song 2, the song that literally sounds like a parody of Smells Like Teen Spirit.

anyways Blur come to AZ ill treat you so much better. also people bringing up the nardwaur interview from 20 years ago need to grow up Blur was right to be rude idc.